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Everyday our bodies are exposed to a large variety of chemicals that we ingest either through air, water or food.

Be it the pollutants that we ingest while we breathe or the antibiotics or pesticides in our food or the preservatives in packaged food, it all can be classified as Toxins.

Over a period of time, these toxins continue to get accumulated in our bodies increasing the load on the immune system and the lymphatic system which tries hard to filter and eliminate it out of the body.

But when it is unable to accomplish this task either due to the large volume of toxins in the body, it can have certain auto-immune side effects.

The direct effect can be seen on the skin which looks tired and lackluster. Also, the person feels tired, lethargic, there is a lack of concentration and clarity in thinking.

Herbal Detox – Safe and Effective

While there are numerous ways and diets to detoxify your system, not all are effective or easy enough to be accomplished without the supervision of a doctor.

Others are expensive therapies involving regular treatments for days and not everyone has the time and the money at their leisure to spend.

Herbs on the contrary are an easy and safe method to eliminate toxins from the body in a non invasive way.

There are no withdrawal side effects and they are gentler on the system.

Manjistha – The complete Detox Herb

Manjistha is one of the most popular blood purifiers and detoxifying herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. This lymphatic tonic is ideal for people looking to clear the buildup of toxins in the system and enhances circulation in the body.

It possesses anti-inflammatory properties that provides effective relief from musculoskeletal problems.

But it is most renowned for its ability to clear a broad range of skin problems like acne, vitiligo, and eczema.

People who have use the herb have achieved remarkable looking skin that is free of blemishes and ageing spots.

Recent clinical studies have also revealed that the herb may possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
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