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An ancient Indian legend goes that when the gods churned the primordial ocean, a nectar was released that would bestow immortality on anyone who drank it.

 It was called Amrit, very similar to the elixir of life.

 Ayurveda terms certain herbs as Amrit due to their immense benefits for the human body.

 Gudduchi or Gudduchika is one such herb.

 Used since centuries in numerous Ayurvedic medications for its immunity boosting properties, this creeper plant that grows easily, is now being touted as the most potent herb ever with potential anti-cancer properties, the ability to control cholesterol and diabetes and also heal stomach ulcers.


The Potent Adaptogen

 The herb contains bioactives that enhance the ability of the body to adapt to daily stress.

 It boosts immunity which strengthens the body against common infections like cold and flu, chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

 Guduchi also contains hepatoprotective properties. When used regularly, it exerts a protective action on liver cells and helps to prevent damage induced by drug use or excessive alcohol usage. It rejuvenates liver tissue.

 By helping the body get rid of excessive fluids accumulated in the joints, Gudduchi helps in maintenance of rheumatoid arthritis, gout and other conditions of the joints.

 While these are the known benefits of the herb, numerous studies are underway to understand the potential of the herb in controlling PMS symptoms and controlling the spread of certain types of cancers in the body.


Pure Gudduchi Extracts in Capsule form

 Gudduchi is found in large quantities in several parts of India. But our selective sourcing ensures that we receive herbs of utmost purity and potency.

 Our Gudduchi is sourced from the mighty Himalayan mountains and is standardized and extracted into an easy to swallow capsule.

 When used daily, it is a perfect dietary supplement that helps protect the body against stress and prevents chronic infections. 

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