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Product Code : EU-CR
Product Description

CREATIS (Pancreatin 150 mg Enteric coated granules in a capsule) is a Pancreatic enzymes supplement for treatment of several gastric ailments.


Cystic fibrosis. Indigestion. Dyspepsia. Stomachache. Weight loss.

 CREATIS exerts its actions by its Enzyme constituents Amylase, Lipase and Protease.

AMYLASE is a selective Alpha 1-4 Carbohydrate digesting enzyme i.e. digests all kinds of cooked and uncooked STARCHes of food.

LIPASE is a Fat & Oil digesting enzyme i.e. digests all kinds of vegetable and animal fats and oils present in food.

PROTEASE is a Protein digesting enzyme i.e. digests all kinds of vegetable and animal proteins like Paneer, cheese, curd, pulses, egg, meat, fish etc.

All these enzymes are supplied as Enteric coated granules with optimum particle size and surface area.

Optimum PARTICLE SIZE of CREATIS Granules ensures NO FLOATING and GOOD SINKING of granules for their entry to duodenum. BETTER DISPERSION of enzymes is also achieved with optimum particle size than a tablet core form.

Optimum SURFACE AREA of CREATIS Granules ensures BETTER EXPOSURE of Pancreatic enzymes in intestinal environment which can’t be attained in tablet formulation.

Both the above characters of CREATIS keep it above all other Pancreatin preparations.


CREATIS (Pancreatin 150 mg Enteric coated granules) is available as oral Capsules in ALU/ALU blister pack. 

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